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All Guilds Meeting - November 2013

Portrait de Doobes

Winter is coming...and so has another All Guilds Meeting!

This one went rather smoothly and was kept under an hour and a half.  As usual, we have raw and cleansed chatlogs to read at your leisure.

Here's a summary of what you missed:


Doobes led the meeting off by talking about Cyan's latest project...Obduction!  As was reported on this site earlier, Cyan Worlds is using Kickstarter to fund the game, so be sure to stop by and donate what you can, and hopefully, we'll get to see new worlds made by the creators of  Myst  and Riven! 

Guild of Linguists

Korov'ev had a few bits of news from the GoL.  They will be hosting a D'ni language course the  third or fourth Saturday of November  (to be determined soon) at 16:00 KI time.                       More details would be released on their site.  Next was the Remeestahv Project, a fan-made dictionary to fill in the as-yet-unknown words of D'ni, including some modern day, "surface dweller" words like telephone (fahmeesdil).  Lastly was Korov'ev's own project: a Unicode encoding of the D'ni script.

Jalak Sculptures

MagicLileth and Edisonrex came in in place of Kaaja to elaborate more on their project involving the Age of Jalak.  Using the power of magic, they intend to save explorers' various configurations (either in Magic Jalak or their own) and put them on display live...hopefully with music from the Cavern Choir!  They're hoping to have things ready in time for the holidays.


Annabelle was next to discuss her latest journey: "In Search of Gary's Whereabouts".  This particular journey takes place in the Ages called Somewhere and Iceworld...two fan Ages.  As such, this journey and future ones like it will only be available in the offline URU and the Deep Island shard.  She plans to do similar for 60+ of the current fan Ages available as well.  Also, she is creating video tours of the Ages along with these journeys.  She is also planning on creating a basic bot (with the help of Mirphak) that will not only contain her various journeys but can also save your physical position in an Age if needed!

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe finished up the meeting as usual.  Doobes updated everyone about URU2U, which is progressing slowly, but surely.  He also mentioned the idea of video game reviews on The Cavern Post mainly as a way to tune fellow explorers into games others have enjoyed.  He stressed that this is only a test run at this time.

The Wonders of D'ni

While onstage with the GoMe, Samoth talked about his own project.  He is working on a Dutch translation of "The Wonders of D'ni" that should be released next month.


The estimated CAVCON funds for October were 2.5, which means the reserve funds are slowly being drained...a bad thing!  Be sure to donate!

Until December!

Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

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